Women Killed In An Accident In Odense Denmark

Woman killed in Eccentric Cage Mishap in Odense’s Key railway stationThe scooter collided with a 70-year-old woman, hitting on from behind.B It hasn’t been supported, but the person was speeding down a metallic ramp between 2 escalators if he lost control.
She was shot from Odense BanegC%rd Center into Odense University Hospital but died several hours after.B Her relatives are advised.B B Person likely to be charged with negligent manslaughter for speeding down an escalator and teaming with victim
Only before noon. A 49-year-old man, briefly before mid day on Friday, decided to drive a power scooter down an escalator at Odense’s primary railway station. The man has been charged with causing her passing — most probably with negligent manslaughter.
The scene of the horrible accident, A female was murdered by an electrical scooter, but it’s perhaps not what you could think, since the cause of her departure was exceptionally unusual — just like something out of a James Bond picture.