Submarine Hit By Fire Was Nuclear Powered Says Russian President Putin

The Ministry of Defence said the episode happened on Monday. However, it wasn’t officially revealed until late Tuesday and there was no indication until Thursday if the vessel had a nuclear reactor on board despite intense interest in that matter from authorities in neighboring Norway.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed to the very first time that a top-secret military submarine hit by a fatal fire ago was nuclear-powered, prompting the defense minister to verify its own nuclear reactor had been contained.
The Atomic reactor on the boat is wholly unmanned and isolated. All the essential measures were shot by the crew to protect the reactor that’s in complete working order, Shoigu told Putin, according to a Kremlin transcript. The fire had erupted in the battery cage of the submarine, Shoigu added.
Russian officials also have faced accusations of trying to cover the entire particulars of this injury that killed 14 sailors as they were carrying out what the defense ministry termed a survey of the seafloor near the Arctic.
Putin, in a Kremlin meeting with Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, revealed that the submarine had been nuclear-powered for its very first time by requesting Shoigu about its state.