With The Help of Small Particles, Medicine Will Now Be Delivered to Every Body Part

Scientists have found a new way to deliver medicines directly to the brain, inspired by the virus. This can help in the treatment of brain related diseases. For the first time, scientists have created small particles of the size of virus, which can reach every part of the body through the blood vessels. Scientists claim that these particles can pave a new way to deliver medicines to the internal organs of the body.

According to the study published in the Nature Communication journal, the new method allows the drug to be transported to the proper place through the veins and these micro-particles can also easily cross the blood-brain-barrier (BBB). The BBB is an inhibitor present in the brain that separates blood and extracellular fluid from the brain into the central nervous system.

Researchers of this study also included researchers from Newcastle University, UK. In this, researchers have described how drugs can be transported across the BBB by altering the components of a virus targeting bacteria called bacteriophage FD. The study found that when small hair-sized particles were sent within mice, these particles easily crossed the BBB and targeted the brain, as well as reaching neurons and other brain cells.