New Claim of Scientists about the Origin of Earth, Life Will Flourish In Lakes with High Phosphorus

Scientists have made many claims about the origin of life on Earth. Now researchers have said that life started from such lakes. In which phosphorus was present in high quantity. Explain that phosphorus is important for life on Earth. Phosphorus is one of the six main chemical elements of life and from this DNA and RNA molecules are made. This element acts as the main source of energy in cells. Researchers pointed out that in the early times of the Earth there would have been many lakes full of Cabernet. These contained sufficient quantities of phosphorus to bring life to our planet.

Washington University Assistant Professor Jonathan Toner said researchers have been exploring the origins of early life for the last 50 years. The chemical reactions that make up the building blocks of living things require much phosphorus, but this element is rare. “The new study published in the journal” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences “shows some special types of lakes in this The problem has been answered. This study was done on such lakes where there was abundant cabernet. The lake water becomes salty and alkaline due to the high rate of evaporation here. The pH level here is very high. Researchers said that such lakes are also called soda lakes. These lakes are found in all seven continents. The researchers selected Mono Lake in California, Magadi Lake in Kenya and Lonar Lake in India. Researchers first measured phosphorus in lakes.