Researchers Caution Seafood Eaters

It is said that the sea does not keep anything with itself, whatever you put in it will return it to you. For so many years, the garbage that we have been giving to the sea in the form of plastic, now only we and our future generations will have to pay for it. Humans are poisoning the sea and after returning the same poison is reaching humans again. This danger is not far away, but only in the sea up to 10 nautical miles of Indian shores. Not one, but two-two premiere institutes of the country have revealed this in research. The sea has always been a source of food for human civilization.

The sea food which contains fish, prawns, etc., is the largest staple diet in the coastal areas of India along with rice. India has a total maritime boundary of 7500 km, which touches 9 states and 4 union territories of India. From this, it can be estimated that how important is the diet of sea animals.  Around 500 tons of fish are sold daily in Bhaucha Push. About 900 to 1200 tons of fish come daily to the four fish ports inside the city of Mumbai. Overall, two lakh tons of fish are consumed in Mumbai every year. Not only fish from Mumbai go to the local market but also to different parts of the country and abroad. But do you know that these delicious fish are making the taste of life tasteless.