Dogs Left Alone At Home Now Have Their Own Playlist, Thanks to Spotify

Spotify has created song playlists and podcast especially for dogs to tune in to in the absence of their owners, as soon as people found out about the new initiatives by Spotify almost 74% of UK pet-owners now play music for their loved pets. The Swedish audio-streaming business stated that it has propelled a digital recording highlighting calm and happy music, termed as “dog-directed praise”, stories, and messages of certification and consolation described by on-screen characters to ease worry for dogs who are home alone.

While, playlists specially created for pets offer tracking services that can choose a song with the help of algorithms scanning qualities, for example, slow or energetic. Spotify said it found in a study that one out of four pet-owners play music for their pets to tune in to for company when they are away from home, with 42% of owners saying their pets have a most loved kind of music. A fourth of pet proprietors said they have even observed their pets moving to music.