Microsoft Introduces AI Based Grammar Tool

Microsoft has renamed its Office 366 to Microsoft 365 Suite. Along with this, the company has launched the Microsoft Editor Tool to challenge Grammarly’s. With the help of this tool, a spelling check to a grammar check can be done while typing on a PC. This tool comes with support for more than 20 languages. Actually, in the last quarter of last year, the news about this tool was revealed for the first time. Microsoft has given information about this tool through an official blog post.

According to a Microsoft blog post, this tool is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that prompts the user to write with more confidence. It is supported by more than 20 languages. This not only corrects spelling mistakes in the sentence. Rather, it also provides more additions to your e-mail, Facebook posts or LinkedIn updates, etc. That is, the user may utilize this tool both online and offline.

Let us tell you that tools like spelling checkers were already available in Microsoft Word. The new Microsoft Editor is integrated into Microsoft Word both online and offline. Also, it can be accessed anywhere through Outlook. For this, you have to install Microsoft Office extension in your PC. However, for this, you must have a Microsoft account.