Claims to Treat Coronavirus with This New Vaccine, Clinical Trial Underway in England

With almost all sorts of exemptions in the lockdown, now the concern of prevention of Coronavirus has increased more than ever in everyone’s mind. In such a situation, a pharmaceutical company has come out which has claimed that their recently prepared vaccine is very effective on the corona virus. The company has also said that the corona virus can be eliminated 99 percent with the vaccine.

The drug maker Synovac Biotech has claimed that they have prepared the corona virus fighting vaccine. This vaccine has proved to be 99% effective on corona virus. This Chinese pharmaceutical company has informed that the 2-stage clinical trial of the vaccine is going on. Clinical trials are underway on 1000 patients in England to know the effect of this vaccine. Very soon the third clinical trial of this vaccine will also be completed.

As per the information received, 10 vaccines are in their last stop in the world to fight the Corona virus pandemic. Results of almost all of these vaccines have been spectacular so far. All vaccines are also effective on the corona virus. Clinical trials of vaccines prepared by American pharmaceutical organization Moderna have started. Apart from this, trials of vaccines manufactured by Oxford University being prepared in England are also going on. In the following two weeks, Russia is also going to start a clinical trial of its finished vaccines.